Uchenna Agbahiwe - Direct Tv system needs to do better

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My 4 Tv's all had blac face , no pictures turned of cable box and Tv on its's own.The first Tech support I had blamed it on my Tv, which I refused to accept and then she tells me all the system is down and I have to call back in five hours as there was no where to access my file, bearing in mind am in the west coast.

Went to sleep angry, woke up called and had issues resolved, I wanted my lost hours credited, she told me they do not credit for reslveable problems. i said no wait a minute when I called you you could not resolve it because your system was down , , if it had been up we would have resolved it I would not have missed my favorite program. Then she tells me let me give you what ever package she was talking about which I flatly declined. She then said let me check it out I was cut off.

I called three more times same thing happened whether advertently or inadvertently. The next call I got this God send who took her time and justified the wrong.

I was so mad wanting to start a campaign on this poor service making sure non of my friends ever switced and me waiting to get out.But this lovely treasured employee of yours changed my mindset and I will like you to recognize her LVWAH0512, didnt even remember what she called her self when she picked my call as I was already biased she ould be like one of them

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